As we travel the world, we’ll be posting short summaries and reviews of each location we visit.  Being a family of five with three young kids, our lives can get hectic and we don’t want to forget about all the amazing places we’ve visited.  Not only that, we hope to provide a resource for other families traveling with children.

Scroll down to read about our trips and be sure to check back often.  We’ll be constantly updating these pages as we continue our journey abroad!


Shortly before we moved from Texas to England, we went on a 10-day trip to Chile.  Mrs. DTG’s cousin was getting married and this provided a perfect excuse for what turned out to be an amazing trip. After visiting family, our first stop was to Cerro San Cristóbal, a hill in northern Santiago.  Standing 300m above the … Continue reading Chile


Check out these amazing day and weekend trips across England! We will be constantly updating this page all we travel across this beautiful country.  There’s more to come soon, so check back often!!!