It’s Moving Time, Again

York England

York, England

Yep, you heard it right.  In an unexpected turn of events, we’ll be moving again in less than two weeks!

This time, instead of moving a few thousand miles to another continent, we’re just moving about 6 miles down the road.  Toward the end of October, Mrs. DTG received a call from the base housing office offering us a house on base.  It was a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom in a coveted section of base housing.

The catch, we had to make our decision to accept or reject the offer within 24 hours!  With nothing to lose, we decided to look at the house and it really blew us away.  It felt so spacious and open!  This could be partially due to living in a British house the last 15 months where all the spaces are very narrow, cramped, and slightly awkward.  And the storage space – there were actually cabinets in the bathrooms!

Best yet, the house is about 100 yards from our two younger kids’ elementary school and a 3-minute bike ride from our oldest’s school.  This will save them loads of time over riding the bus to and from school like they currently do.  Not to mention, Mrs. DTG will be less than a mile from her clinic and I’ll be even closer to my teaching job.

Now don’t get me wrong, we really enjoyed living off base for the first part of our tour and felt like we built connections in the local community, especially with me playing for the local rugby club and our daughter attending British Reception (similar to US kindergarten, but for pre-K age kids) last year.

Still, after weighing all the pros and cons, we felt being on base would make our lives a lot easier and decided to accept their offer.  During the first week of December, we’ll be making our 5th move in the last 12 years.  Fortunately, this has given us a lot of practice and we’re getting good at it!

But first, we’re off to Paris for Thanksgiving!  We’ve been traveling like crazy the last few months and will be sharing some of our adventures soon.

The Dark Ages or the Age of Enlightenment: Five Weeks Without TV and Internet


Those of you who have been following us for a while know that for the last three months we’ve been in the midst of a huge move overseas.  As part of a military permanent change of station, or PCS, we have been reassigned from a stateside base in Texas to a Royal Air Force base in the UK.  Here’s a quick timeline to refresh your memory and get our new readers up to speed. Continue reading

So Long, Household Goods… See You Across the Pond

Moving Truck

As of last Friday night at 9:30 pm, our house has been empty.  Well, almost empty.  We still have some clothes to wear in the meantime and a few pieces of furniture and other random items we need to sell.

It’s kind of strange walking throughout the house and seeing bare walls and clear floors.  Our kids have spent the last 10 days with their grandparents so it has been eerily quiet, too.  This is the longest we’ve been apart and we can’t wait to see them on Thursday.

We saved an air mattress and have been camping out Continue reading

The Movers are Coming: Now It’s Getting Real

I know we’ve been on an irregular posting schedule lately and I wanted to give you all a quick status update as we continue to prep for our move.

We sold our house!  Well not yet, but it’s on contract.  Although we didn’t quite get the price we wanted, we’ll still end up with a small profit.  Our closing date is early August, a week before we make our move across the Atlantic.

The movers are coming tomorrow to begin packing our household goods.  This past weekend we were furiously going through our stuff, selling what we can’t take, and donating/recycling what we no longer need.  So far we’ve made a little over Continue reading

Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed


With just over 7 weeks until we move to the UK, we are beginning to feel the pressure of a massive time crunch.  We still need to sell our house, organize and get rid of more stuff, and prep for our trip to Chile.  Not to mention, both of our rental properties are in need of repairs and new tenants.  This is sure to be a wild ride!

The home selling process has not gone nearly as smoothly as we hoped.  Right before our house went on the market, several homes, including our next door neighbor’s, sold for above asking price.  The prospect of making a decent profit and a potential bidding war had us excited.  We’ve had around 15 showings and the feedback from every realtor on the house itself has been great.

Two weeks ago, we got an offer that ended up falling through and we were completely bummed.  Everything has been very quiet since then.  We believe our house is fairly priced at $10K less than what our neighbors got for a comparable house, and we really don’t want to go any lower.  Thankfully, we have another showing scheduled for tomorrow and hopefully this is the one!

In an odd coincidence, both of our tenants recently notified us unexpectedly that they’d be moving out.  One was a pain in the ass and we’re not sad to see them go, but the other was great and has rented from us for about five years and never once had an issue.  Up to this point, we’ve managed the properties ourselves.  With our upcoming move overseas, we decided it was time to get property managers.  We kept in touch with the realtor who originally sold us one of our houses and hired him on to manage the rental.  This should work out well and we’re not too concerned about finding new tenants.

Our other house has serious foundation issues.  We’ve submitted a claim to the builder’s insurance company and are awaiting the inspection results.  This has potential to become a serious headache and we’re in the process of hiring a property manager.  I’d love to sell this house, but it may not be feasible right now.  At a minimum, I hope our claim is approved and we can get the house fixed with little money out of pocket.  I wouldn’t mind renting it out for a few more years to help pay down the principle and then get rid of the place.

Lastly, our trip to Chile is only four weeks away!  Although we’re super stoked for the trip, it has given us an artificially short deadline to get everything done a few weeks earlier than would have otherwise been necessary.  We really need our house to close before this trip and that means we need a good offer… like NOW!

I’m not usually the type to get stressed, but this is starting to get to me.  I know everything will work out just fine.  Right now, though, it seems like there is so much to do in such a short amount of time.  It has been tough to stay focused at work and I’m really looking forward to being finished with the whole house selling and moving process.  Assuming everything gets taken care of over the next month, we should be able to enjoy Chile without any stress or worries.  That’ll give us some time to enjoy family and recharge before heading off to England.

Anyone else going through a stressful time right now?