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May 2017

April Earnings Update and More Traveling

April 2017

Is a Mediterranean Cruise Worth It?

March 2017

A New Job and Vacation Prep

The Real Benefit of Financial Independence

Am I Making Any Money Yet Or What?

February 2017

Taking Advantage of Credit Card Travel Rewards

Fighting the Urge to Avoid Progress

Freelancing Isn’t All About Freedom – You Need a Routine and Focus

January 2017

What If We Hadn’t Moved?

Freelancing Update: Earnings Through 11 Weeks

2016 Passive Income Recap

December 2016

Top 5 Posts of 2016

My Biggest Change In 2016: It’s Not What You Think

My Freelancing Strategy

Freelancing Toward Financial Freedom

November 2016

5 Ways to Embrace a New Culture

What’s Next for Ditching the Daily Grind?

Upwork = Fucking Awesome

Book Review:  It Is Only Money and It Grows on Trees

October 2016

My First Day as a Freelancer

Financial Impacts of Moving

The Dark Ages or Age of Enlightenment:  Five Weeks Without TV and Internet

Third Quarter Passive Income Update

September 2016

Things Don’t Always Have To Go Exactly As Planned

Time For Another Move

Top 5 Differences Between the US and UK

August 2016

Recapping Our First Week in England

The Intersection of Health and Wealth

I’m Done Working, Now What

July 2016

Guest Post: My Brother’s Journey to Financial Independence

So Long Household Goods… See You Across the Pond

The Movers are Coming: Now It’s Getting Real

Our Relationships With Money

June 2016

Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed

Replacing My Gold Star

That Time I Forgot Our Ten Year Anniversary

I Couldn’t Help Myself:  Preaching FIRE to Coworkers

May 2016

A Big Change Sets The Stage For Deliberate Lifestyle Design

5K Complete! Took Home Some Unexpected Hardware

April Recap – A Savings Rate Dip and A Travel Booking Snafu

Discovering Myself

April 2016

Prepping Our House For The Market

Time to Get My Ass in Gear

Our Roller Coaster Savings Rate

Secondary Income – Q1 2016 Update

First Quarter Dividend Update

Happy Birthday, DTG!

March 2016

To Monetize or Not to Monetize?

Free Haircuts For All

Incorporating Lessons into Daily Activities

Embracing Life’s Seasons

February 2016

A Birthday Tradition is Born

A Broken Wrist and Career Musings

This is a Game Changer

January 2016

Getting Hitched and Managing Finances

Who Needs Stocks in This Market

Filling Our Bucket

Estate Planning

2015 Recap and 2016 Preview

Secondary Income – December Update and Annual Review

December 2015

Reflecting on Our Christmas Holiday

DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Transitioning From the Military

Minimalism Challenge – Final Update

Our Retirement Soundbite

Secondary Income – November Update

November 2015

Repurposing an Old TV Stand

Minimalism Challenge Update #2

Brewing Your Own Kombucha

Minimalism Challenge Update #1

Secondary Income – October Update

October 2015

Minimalism Challenge

Budgets and Why We Don’t Have One

Canning Adventures Begin!

Pears, Pears, and More Pears!

Our Next Life Part 3: Managing Our Finances

Our Next Life Part 2: Daily Life

Our Next Life Part 1: Setting the Stage

Secondary Income – September Update

September 2015

Liebster Award

Kids, Food, and School

Secondary Income – August Update

Organizing Our Storage Closet

Weekend Project: Kitchen Shelves

August 2015

For The Love Of Butter!

Homemade Almond Milk + Bonus Recipe

Milk: Why We Pay $8 Per Gallon

Is The Cost Worth It?

Secondary Income – July Update

July 2015

Breaking Out Of A Rut

Understanding Our Asset Allocation

Road Trip Recap By The Numbers

Road Trip Pictures!

Vacationing: The Food Struggle

Know When To Stock Up

Road Trip!

Sunshine Blogger Award

Happy Birthday, America!

She Did It!

Where’s The Money Coming From?

June 2015

Picking The Date

Case Study:  The Cost of Working

How We Saved $277 In One Hour

It’s Okay To Splurge

What Collar Do You Wear?

Getting Our Spending Under Control

Race Day

Why Start a Blog?

Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat

Healthy? Think Again

Unexpected Landlords

Basic Financial Tenets

Unnatural Selection

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