About Us

My wife and I started this blog in June 2015 to share our thoughts on simple, healthy living on our quest for true happiness and financial independence.  My background is in engineering and my wife is a physical therapist.  We have both served in the military.  She is currently on active duty and I am a reservist.  We have three kids.

At the time we started this blog, my goal was to retire from the traditional nine-to-five rat race within five years by the age of 38 with investable assets right around the seven figure mark.  Then, in early 2016, we found out my wife was being reassigned to a base in England.  This provided the perfect opportunity for me to ditch the daily grind a little earlier than I had originally anticipated.  In August 2016, I left my corporate job with no intentions of ever going back!

So what am I planning to do with all my newfound free time?  Well, so far at least, there hasn’t really been any.  Moving forward though, I still see myself working quite a bit, but it’ll mostly be a mixture of part time and freelance work.

While our net worth isn’t quite what I thought it would be when we set out for an early retirement, our investments (dividend yielding stocks/index funds, private real estate lending, and two rental properties) currently generate over $15K/year in passive income, which should only continue to grow.  As you can probably tell, we are big advocates of building multiple income streams to lessen the reliance on any single source.

This blog covers a wide variety of topics ranging from our thoughts on financial independence and early retirement, raising kids, healthy living, investments, and other random musings.  Oh, and don’t forget to check out our new travel page where we’ll post recaps of our adventures around the world!

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10 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Encore Voyage says:

    Nice! This is going to be fun to watch! The hubs and I have begun our Encore Voyage, and often say to ourselves, “Oh, to have known then what we know now!” You are headed toward a delightful lifestyle, and I for one, can’t wait to follow along on your journey!


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