Third Quarter 2017 Dividend Update

Edinburgh Castle Scotland

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

I can’t believe it’s been nearly two months since my last post!

For the few readers we may have left, all is well in the DTG household.  In early July I had an unexpected opportunity to go on active duty orders almost continuously through the end of September.  On one hand, this kept me extremely busy and left little time for blogging.  On the other hand, it gave us a huge income boost, which I’ll post about soon.

Fortunately, one income stream that is truly passive and doesn’t require any work is our dividends.

We’re currently crushing our 2016 pace, up 42% year over year!  This is partially due to one of our stocks issuing a special dividend in February.  Additionally, last month I added $30K to our Vanguard index funds, which will help our dividend income grow even quicker in the future.

To be clear, though, we do not actually use our dividends as income now.  Nearly all is being reinvested in the issuing stock/fund.  I’m also only including dividends in taxable accounts.

Year to date, we have earned $3,509.40 in dividends, surpassing our 2016 total of $3,434.62.  Our 2017 total should end up just north of $4,600.

The chart below compares our last three years of dividend income.  You can see we’re well ahead of the last two years.

3Q17 Dividend Tracker

This might be a stretch, but by reshuffling our portfolio and adding some more funds, we may even be able to reach our goal of $6K/year in 2018!

4 thoughts on “Third Quarter 2017 Dividend Update

  1. Graham @ Reverse The Crush says:

    I’m still a reader! It’s good to hear that the DTG household is doing well! And thanks for sharing the impressive update. $3,509.40 is an impressive dividend haul for the year. Congrats on the 42% YOY growth pace. Looking forward to your post about the income boost! Take care.


    • Ditching the Grind says:

      Thanks for sticking around! The special dividend was a huge and the increased funds should help moving forward. Now if I could ever get around to rebalancing our portfolio, we might start bringing in some serious dividend income!


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