So Long, Household Goods… See You Across the Pond

Moving Truck

As of last Friday night at 9:30 pm, our house has been empty.  Well, almost empty.  We still have some clothes to wear in the meantime and a few pieces of furniture and other random items we need to sell.

It’s kind of strange walking throughout the house and seeing bare walls and clear floors.  Our kids have spent the last 10 days with their grandparents so it has been eerily quiet, too.  This is the longest we’ve been apart and we can’t wait to see them on Thursday.

We saved an air mattress and have been camping out in our master bedroom the last few nights.  To be honest, it’s actually been kind of fun.  A situation like this makes you realize how little you need to live comfortably.

Air Mattress

How do you like our new setup?

The moving service estimates that we’ll receive our household goods in the UK on September 8.  I wonder what, if anything, we’ll miss over the next 7+ weeks.

We begin our 21-hour drive to south Florida later tonight.  We’ll be dropping our dog off with family, picking up our kids, and boarding a flight to Chile in the coming days.


We’re going to miss this big guy 😦

After the stress of the last couple months, everything feels like it is coming together.  As one season of our life comes to a close, another is set to begin.  Our trip to Chile is the perfect segue.

While we’re on vacation, we’ll have our first-ever guest post as my brother shares his personal journey out of debt and towards financial independence.

9 thoughts on “So Long, Household Goods… See You Across the Pond

  1. upnorthinvestor says:

    Enjoy your Vacation, and Move, I hope everything important makes it, and in one piece. I looking forward to your Guest post, Hearing others Journey always solidifies our decisions as we have done the same, and am looking forward to long term travel once our kids are out of school.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Graham @ Reverse the Crush says:

    I guess I’m a little late for well wishes, but I hope everything went smoothly. As long as you’ve got your laptop and an internet connection, something to eat and drink, and possibly a good book, you’ll make it lol Enjoy the rest of your vacation 🙂


    • Ditching the Grind says:

      Thanks, Graham. So far, so good. We just got back in the states yesterday and are visiting family real quick before heading back home. Our trip to Chile was awesome… my liver needs some recovery time!

      Only two more weeks until we fly to London.


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