5K Complete! Took Home Some Unexpected Hardware

Give Cancer the Boot

A few weeks ago I wrote about a race the hubby signed us up for.  Well, we did it!!  Eight days ago, that is.  Sorry for the delay :/  It went really well and we had a ton of fun!  The best part is that it was for a good cause, so that’s always a plus.  While I was running, maybe only a mile in, I did ask myself, “Why did I pay to do this again?!”  Haha.

Being a first annual race, not everything went so smoothly.  Actually, it sort of turned into a big charlie foxtrot.  There were course marshals along the way, but no signs or arrows or mile markers.  And apparently the volunteers hadn’t been briefed on where to direct people, and no map had been sent out to the runners beforehand.  Some people ended up running less than a full 5K and others may have run farther.  I was wearing a GPS watch and made sure I did my 3.1 miles.  I finished in 29:35 which met my goal, but I really wanted under 29 to be honest haha.  I think I could’ve gotten it if it weren’t for all the confusion and the hills.  THE DAMN HILLS!  They get me every time!

The guy who really did get in first place apparently didn’t care, was not happy about the course getting messed up, and told the course coordinator not to worry about it and left.  That meant my hubby ended up taking the second place overall trophy!  And my friend’s husband took first!  It was kind of cool even though it wasn’t completely legit given all the confusion and the fact that they were told to stop, “You’re done” a good 1/2 mile before they should’ve actually been done.  Really unfortunate!  For that reason, we don’t have a true finish time for DTG, but he was pacing to get under 25, so we’ll say he met his goal, too 🙂

So that’s that!  Now I just have to make it a point to keep it up!  We’ll need to make it a point to participate in more events like this.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

7 thoughts on “5K Complete! Took Home Some Unexpected Hardware

  1. racetoamillion says:

    Congrats on your 5k finish! I ran one years ago that was also a total Charlie Foxtrot myself. Could of swore I finished 2nd in my age group, but a guy who ran with a dog put his name above mine on the finish sheet even though his time was 5 minutes slower than mine! Still had fun though and would love to do one again if I start training again.

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  2. our next life says:

    I can empathize with the guy who technically won but left — nothing makes me more nuts than people in an organizing function being disorganized. But congrats to both of you for running the race and (maybe) beating your goals! 😉

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    • Mrs. DTG says:

      Definitely!! It was not good. And they paid the guy to coordinate the actual course, chip times, trophies etc. I hope he gave them their money back and donated it to the cause. Epic fail!

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