A Birthday Tradition is Born

Happy Friday, everyone!  I hope you’ve all had a great week and looking forward to an even greater weekend.  Won’t it be nice when we don’t have to look forward to two days of freedom, because every day will be a weekend?!

We recently celebrated our oldest son’s 8th birthday.  Just as many FIRE types, we are not big into lots of gifts, especially toys and things that create clutter, so we figured we’d get a little creative with our big boy’s gift this year.  DTG quickly came up with the idea of a scavenger hunt and we both loved it!

It works like this: we make a birthday card (because who needs to spend $1-$4 on a card with words on it that gets hardly looked at and thrown out anyway?) which includes his first clue to the scavenger hunt, and then he has to go find the rest of the clues until he gets to his final prize–his birthday present.  We decided to make as many clues as age they’re turning, so in this case, we had eight clues.

It was tons of fun watching him run all around the house with his siblings tagging along beside him.  We made the clues so he had to go up and down the stairs, out to the backyard, into the garage, and all across the house multiple times.  Below are some pictures of the clues we came up with:






His birthday gift was a $20 bill.  Some parents aren’t fond of giving their children money stating they have no use for money at this age.  We, on the other hand, like to teach our kids about money early on, let them earn some extra cash occasionally (by helping pick up dog poop from the yard, pulling weeds, etc), and gifting it for birthdays and holidays.  This is not to say we never give them any non-monetary gifts, they have their fair share of toys and clothes.

They like to save their money and every so often will deposit their cash to us and watch us transfer that amount from our bank account to theirs.  They can also use it for special treats.  Or like today, a high schooler came to the door selling cookie dough for a fundraiser.  Instead of buying the processed cookie dough that’s not really my style, Brandon donated $6 from his wallet to the kid.  He did not complain or fret at all about donating his own money… I was a proud momma!

Obviously, we enjoyed some birthday cake, as well.  Homemade by yours truly, of course.  We actually cheated quite a bit by using Oreos, so this was definitely a big time splurge for us… we hadn’t bought packaged cookies in quite a while.  But it was a special occasion, and like I’ve said before, it’s okay to splurge.  I’m not gonna go all psycho with the food stuff, either.  It was actually my first ice cream cake and it turned out really well!  Oreo cookie crust, organic mint chocolate chip ice cream, from-scratch dark chocolate fudgy brownie, more mint chocolate chip ice cream, and topped with more Oreos and a coconut cream dark chocolate ganache.  Yum yum!

We all enjoyed this birthday scavenger hunt so much, that we’ve decided to make it a birthday tradition and hopefully won’t miss one until they’re all grown and out of the house.  Our daughter turns 4 next month, so that should be a fun one since she can’t read.  I’m sure her brothers won’t mind helping her!

Have a great weekend!!

8 thoughts on “A Birthday Tradition is Born

  1. Mrs SSC says:

    I LOVE scavenger hunts for presents! I’ve done puzzles too, or like – you can have this gift or choose the next gift (but you can’t go back). Christmas is great for scavenger hunt presents since you tend to need a break for coffee and more breakfast anyways.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mrs. DTG says:

      Haha, yes it was awesome… Wondering why we didn’t ever do this sooner! And you’re right, would be really fun for Christmas morning too.


    • Mrs. DTG says:

      Yes! 🙂 That’s exactly what we were thinking. Maybe put a picture of Sofia the First and she has to go to her Sofia doll. Or even like gluing/taping a couple Lego pieces to the clue so she can go find her next clue in the Lego bin, etc. That’ll work great for her! Thanks for the ideas 🙂


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