This Is A Game Changer

Air Show

Hello, everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday.  We have exciting news to share if you didn’t already see our announcement on Twitter… it’s a doozy!

I was at work on Friday afternoon preparing to leave, and all of a sudden I see a system-generated email in my inbox from the Air Force Personnel Center.  It said, “Congratulations, you’ve been selected for an assignment!  Please log in to complete your initial assignment briefing.”

My heart started pounding.  We’ve mentioned a few times previously that by April we would find out if we’d be moving me after I graduate physical therapy school in August.  For various reasons, I had a feeling we would remain here for at least a couple more years.  But you never know what’s going to happen in the military, so on my “dream sheet” I told them that if we couldn’t stay here we would love the opportunity to go overseas.  I didn’t actually think I’d get an overseas assignment, probably ever.

So I’m logging in and I’m crazy nervous about what it’s going to say.  It could be my first choice, or it could be something way out of left field.  They give you what they give you… needs of the Air Force come first.  The first thing that pops up is, “Congratulations, you have been selected for an assignment to the XX Squadron, RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom, with a Report No Later Than Date of 31 Aug 16.”

WHAT?!?!  Seriously?!!  I was flipping the hell out.  The hubs was in a meeting and I texted him, “Babe, you need to call me asap!  I got my assignment.  I’m dying.  Like, seriously dying.  You’re not going to believe it!”

HAHAHAHA…. I guess I was a little dramatic.  But seriously?!  We get to go live in Europe for 3-4 years.  My kids get to go to school in England, develop little British accents, we get to do the kind of traveling we’ve been dreaming of doing in early retirement.  But we don’t have to wait, we can do it now!!

It almost hasn’t fully sunken in.  We are ecstatic!  There is so much to do, so much to think about.  We need to sell the house, sell both of our cars, find a new home for our handsome boxer 😥 and the list goes on….

And it changes everything.  DTG will leave his comfortable Corporate America job here behind.  He needs to try to find a Reserve unit in Europe where he can continue his part-time Reserve gig.  Besides that and potentially finding a simple telecommuting job that he can do from England, he’ll be a stay-at-home dad while I bring in the cheddar.  Basically the early retirement he’s been dreaming of could start this summer when we move.

While in Europe, we will likely not spend very many weekends at home.  We will make it a point to see as much as we can.  What an awesome geography and cultural lesson it will be for our children (and for us)!  Because of this, our big time saving mindset will shift a bit.  With the Mr. potentially losing his salary and us trying to travel as much as possible, our savings rate will likely take a serious plunge.  But it doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter at all… because this is what we’ve been waiting for.

Obviously we’re not going to be wasteful with our money.  We’ll still always try to find the best deals and do things as economically as possible, that’s just in our nature.  But we’re not going to stress about it.  We’re going to enjoy it.  We’re going to live it up!

I anticipate we’ll still save a good amount of money on just my salary.  Not only will I be getting paid more while I’m there, but we also won’t have any more childcare costs since our youngest will be school-aged and daddy will be there to greet them when they get home.  For days he is on Reserve duty, we will have to figure something out, but regardless, the costs will be a small fraction of what we pay now.  And to top it off, I should hopefully be getting a promotion while there, so that’ll be a nice pay raise as well.  I’m not sure we’ll miss the hubby’s salary much, after all.

So that’s the news!  The bad part is that we won’t make it to FinCon16 anymore since we’ll already be out of the US.  If you’re interested in buying our tickets from us, please let us know!  They’re cheaper than what they’re selling for now!

Also, for any UK readers, please chime in with your advice, suggestions, recommendations, etc!

31 thoughts on “This Is A Game Changer

  1. Mrs SSC says:

    Wow! That is awesome – congrats! I had a friend who spent a couple years in England while growing up, and she loved it – and developed a little British accent that took a few years to disappear once she moved back to the US. What wonderful news!

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  2. our next life says:

    What incredible news! Congrats you guys! (Though I’m sad for your doggie, like you are!) 😦 But what an opportunity for you and your kids. Can’t wait to hear how your plans evolve in light of this news, but it sure seems like the kind of opportunity that most of us can only hope for. We’ve said that we’d keep working if we could get a short-term assignment overseas… it’s about the only thing we’d keep working for! How cool that your dreams are going to become a reality so soon. 🙂

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    • Ditching the Grind says:

      This should be an amazing experience. It’ll be interesting to see if I end up working or not over there. I broke the news to work team today and everyone thought it was an awesome opportunity. I think we’re going to explore the idea of working remotely to see if it’ll be realistic or not.


    • Mrs. DTG says:

      I know, poor doggie 😦 We rescued him from a boxer rescue and when they found out we were military they had this very concern: what we would do if we moved. Well, in the past we’d just been stateside and always took our dog, and at the time the hubby was still active duty and we basically had zero chance of getting a joint overseas assignment. So we said it wouldn’t be a problem at all.. But things change so quickly! We technically could take him, there’s not even a quarantine period anymore as far as we know. But he has anxiety issues and the travel would not be healthy for him, he would be miserable. And also, we want to travel so much that it’ll be difficult to find someone to watch him every time we want to go for a weekend trip or something. It’s kind of selfish but he wouldn’t do well with that either… And I don’t want it to discourage us or make it more difficult for us to get out on short notice for a spontaneous trip or something. I think we should be able to find him a great home, he’s a really easy, laid back dog.. Everyone that meets him loves him.


  3. The Personal Economist says:

    Congrats! I lived in the UK twice as a child – once when I was 5 for 5 months and again when I was 15 for 2.5 years (Australia is home).
    I loved the experience, it made me realise home is not the centre of world, and I’ve got loads of friends in the UK all these years later. It gave me the opportunity to travel to Europe too.
    My Dad reckons I could talk in both accents (English accent to my UK friends and Australian accent to my parents and Australian visitors) but I lost my accent pretty quickly when we came back.
    Also you get work to pay for your travel expenses, a dream come true!

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    • Mrs. DTG says:

      That’s awesome!! I know what you mean about the accents.. My parents are from two different South American countries and we switch back and forth between accents all the time haha, that’s funny. Sounds like you had an adventurous childhood! Thanks for the note 🙂

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  4. Maggie says:

    I will continue to say how completely and utterly jealous I am. Moving our kids to the UK is MY BIGGEST DREAM EVER. Sorry, I’m screaming now. Congrats to you guys! I can’t wait to hear all about your new adventures!

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  5. The Escape Artist says:

    Congratulations….I hope you enjoy the UK. FI is even more “under the radar” over here than in the US but there are a few of us trying to help fix that! I write The Escape Artist blog about FI over here so feel free to contact me when you are over!

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  6. ambertreeleaves says:

    Just discovered your blog and now read this awesome news! Great that you have found an overseas challenge. It will be a great experience for your family!
    The UK is a nice place. I did some projects there and we visited London a few times: great city.

    Make sue you hop over once to Belgium: great waffles here!

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  7. Mrs. DTG says:

    Definitely will do, thanks for stopping by. Prayers for your family and your country, very sorry for the tragic events. God bless


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