2015 Recap and 2016 Preview


Bar Harbor Sunset

Bar Harbor, Maine sunset

Can you believe we’re already a week into 2016?  Craziness.  It’s even harder to believe that today is exactly six months since we started blogging.  In that time, we’ve written 43 posts and gotten just over 6,000 page views.  I’m still somewhat amazed people are actually following us!

Here are some highlights from the second half of 2015 after we started this blog.

  • We went on an amazing road trip across the southwestern United States and visited three national parks
  • We gained a better understanding of ourselves and our priorities
  • We outlined our route to financial independence
  • We connected with so many awesome people in the online personal finance community

Moving ahead to 2016, we have several goals and milestones to work towards.  Here are a few of them.

Passive Income

  • $6,000 in dividend income (this is extremely aggressive… I’ve got some work to do!)
  • $10,000 in private real estate lending
  • $10,000 in realized capital gains from stock trading
  • Create at least one new income stream


  • Find out in April if we will be moving
  • 10 year anniversary in June
  • Mrs. DTG graduates from Physical Therapy school and turns 30 in August
  • FinCon16 in September

The four points under family tie into a somewhat funny story.  As you can see, we have several huge personal milestones coming up this year.  Because of this, Mrs. DTG has made it clear for quite some that she’ll be expecting a nice vacation to celebrate all these major accomplishments… perhaps a romantic getaway to an exotic location.

Not wanting to disappoint, I’ve been researching potential destinations.  Finally, I found the perfect one and decided to unveil it as her Christmas present.  To add to the suspense, I asked her to guess where we’ll be heading.  As a hint, I told her it starts with an F.

She quickly exclaimed, “Fiji!!!”

Good guess, but not quite right.  After a few seconds of silence, I told her we’d be heading to San Diego to attend FinCon!  At first she was like, “WTF, bro.  Seriously?”  There’s nothing like talking about personal finance and investing to strike up the romance!

Over Water Bungalow

You’re telling me this is better than hanging out with a bunch of personal finance nerds? (Courtesy of http://overwater-bungalows.com)

Actually, I may have embellished the story a bit.  She’s been dreaming about staying in an over-water bungalow somewhere in the South Pacific for our 10 year anniversary for as long as I can remember and it’s definitely on our bucket list.  When I initially told her about FinCon, she had no idea what it was.  Since then, the idea has really grown on her and we’re super excited to go.  We hope to meet many of you and others we follow (and feel like we already know).  As an added bonus, we’ve never been to San Diego and have been wanting to visit anyway.  We can’t wait!

Oh, and I’ll be sure to work a special date night into the trip!

13 thoughts on “2015 Recap and 2016 Preview

    • Ditching the Grind says:

      I may not have told the story exactly the way it occurred. We both want a Fiji or Bora Bora type vacation one day, but for various reasons it wasn’t going to work out this year. We may have something else really awesome this summer so stay tuned!

      From everything I’ve read, FinCon should be a great experience. We’ll be sure to give you live updates along the way!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Mrs. DTG says:

    Yeah, you tell him, Maggie!! So messed up right?!?! lol jk.. It’s okay, it should be fun and he can make up for it some day 🙂


  2. LeisureFreak Tommy says:

    Those are some impressive financial goals for 2016. I was just talking with the bride this morning about moving some assets to increase dividend output taking advantage of the recent market volatility. Increasing passive income is always a great goal.
    Happy New Year and good luck on all your plans.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ditching the Grind says:

      Thanks, LeisureFreak! We pulled in about $3,500 in dividends this year so $6,000 is extremely optimistic. Hopefully the market will cooperate more than this past week and we can do some reallocations.

      And yes, the more passive income, the better. Best of luck to you as well!


  3. our next life says:

    Oh my gosh, I love this story! Fiji, FinCon, same thing! 🙂 Hahaha. But I AM super excited to meet you both there, and San Diego is wonderful! We got engaged there, at this lovely spot called Estancia La Jolla (http://estancialajolla.com/). Would be a pretty incredible spot for a date night — it’s secluded from the city and you could easily fool yourself into believing your in some tropical spot. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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