Our Retirement Soundbite

Retirement Soundbite

This post was inspired by Steve over at Think Save Retire.  A couple weeks ago, he challenged other bloggers to record their one minute retirement soundbite.  I thought it was a neat challenge, but initially wanted to gracefully bow out since it was WAY out of my comfort zone.  I’ve never liked hearing my own voice or watching myself on video so there was no way in hell I was going to put a recording of my voice on the internet for everyone to hear!

About a week later, Maggie from Northern Expenditure posted her family’s retirement soundbite and I decided then this was something I wanted to do.  After all, life is about growing and pushing your limits.  

As you’ll hear, we’re not pros at this by any means.  The background noise is our laptop’s fan which is conveniently located right next to the internal microphone.  I wasn’t sure how to edit that out.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy!  You may notice that we provide one piece of information we’ve never before shared on the blog.

10 thoughts on “Our Retirement Soundbite

  1. Steve @ Think Save Retire says:

    Thanks for taking the challenge, and well done! It’s always nice getting the kid element in there, too – I can’t do that, but it’s nice for those who can.

    And you know what? I believe early retirement is ultimately about getting out of your comfort zone, so good on you for accepting the challenge even though it may be out of your element.

    For the record, you guys sounded great! You’re going in the Friday Feast this week for sure. 🙂

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  2. our next life says:

    I’ve had this tab open on my laptop for over a week, and finally found my headphones so I could listen! (Work laptop with non-functioning speakers!) So fun to hear your voices, especially the boys (“I only have 74 doll-ohs.” Priceless.). 🙂 Is the net worth reveal the new piece of info? It felt new to me! So impressive you’ve managed to build that up on military salaries — way to stretch those dollars, you guys. Thanks for sharing more of yourselves with us!


    • Ditching the Grind says:

      We’re glad you finally got a chance to listen! And you guessed it, our net worth was the new reveal. It has probably tripled over the last 3 years, so huge growth there. I can’t say we did anything crazy aside from automatic investing, cutting back on eating out, and limiting unnecessary purchases. We did get a one-time windfall of about 1/12 of our total net worth when I left active duty, but most of it is from savings and investment growth.

      You never quite know what the kids are going to say and I’m glad their parts came out well. A few days prior, our daughter said, “Us have too many toys.” Wish I could’ve recorded that!


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