Secondary Income – November Update

This was a fairly quiet month for our side income.  Most of our concentration the last 4-5 weeks has gone toward the Minimalism Challenge (click here for updates 1 and 2).  We spent a lot of time sorting through tons of stuff and getting rid of things we no longer needed.

One side effect of this challenge is that we made a little bit of money.  Although we gave away the majority of the unneeded items, we did sell a few things.  I had a pair of barely worn shoes from college (probably 13 years old, but in great condition) that I sold for $20.

We got another $37.70 for some kids clothes.  And Mrs. DTG sold an old hair straightener for $5.  The sad part is that she found 4 while going through the bathroom!  Out of control.

Additionally, while going through the garage I found a Home Depot bag with a few leftover items from a project I completed earlier in the year.  Since I had no need for those supplies, I returned them for $20.37 in store credit.

Our monthly average took a slight dip and we’re now on pace for just under $40K in side income this year.

Secondary Income Streams - 201511

10 thoughts on “Secondary Income – November Update

  1. mrs ssc says:

    That is awesome! I have been able to sell a few items that the kids outgrew, its nice just to just get some cash in return. I just find it a hassle to sell items though, so I tend to donate them. Laziness I guess.


    • Ditching the Grind says:

      Thankfully we didn’t have to put in too much effort to sell these things. We dropped a pile of kids clothes off at Once Upon a Child and they took about 2/3 of them. The other stuff I put on our neighborhood Facebook page and it went pretty quickly.


    • Ditching the Grind says:

      I’m kind of torn on being a landlord, especially in our current situation. Both houses are located in separate states across the country and neither was purchased with the intention of being a rental. There’s a lot of capital tied up in these houses. On the plus side, we’re diversifying our investment income and one of the houses has a 15 year mortgage getting paid off completely by our tenants. Maybe it’s not so bad.


  2. our next life says:

    The fact that you made ANY money on decluttering is super impressive to me! We rarely have the patience to sell things, and usually just give stuff to friends or donate it. But I did recently start a box for things we think we could sell, and we’re setting them aside because we don’t have time to think about it right now, but maybe one day!


  3. Mrs. DTG says:

    Btw, I didn’t FIND four hair irons as if they were never used and I had no clue they were there..! There’s the one I actively use, another identical one still in the box that came with the other one as a set (I planned to either gift it or keep it for if/when mine dies), and then there were two old ones in the back way from high school/college days! Why don’t you talk about all the crap YOU have 😛


  4. Taylor says:

    Woohoo! Even thought it may not compare to other months, $1,200+ is still AWESOME. And you’ve got to love getting over $100 from selling stuff you already had. That’s the best. My highest side income month has been $500 but I’m really excited to get it even higher 🙂

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    • Ditching the Grind says:

      Thanks, Taylor! $500 is nothing to scoff at and I’m sure you’ll find ways to get it much higher really soon. You’re doing such an awesome job paying off your student loans so quickly and once you can put more money towards investments instead of debt, you’ll see the growth take off. It’s cool to see a young person who really gets it and has their priorities straight. You’re well on your way to becoming free from money!


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