Minimalism Challenge Update #1

It has been a little over a week since we began our 30-day minimalism challenge and I must say it has been harder than we anticipated.  Parting ways with stuff we don’t need has been easy, but sticking with it every day has proven to be quite time-consuming and the biggest challenge.

That being said, we’re already making great progress and here are a few highlights.

We have a couple donation boxes set up in the office that are being added to somewhat regularly.

Donation Boxes

Our junk drawer has a lot less junk in it.

Junk Drawer

Over the weekend, we spent about eight hours sorting through kids clothes identifying those that have been outgrown and rotating in new clothes that have been passed down.  We’ve already given the boys’ clothes away to neighbors and family and will do the same with our daughter’s clothes shortly.  We’ve set aside another stack of clothes in very good condition that we’ll try to sell.

Kids Clothes

Next, we’ll be clearing off our dressers and nightstands which are a disaster right now.  It’s tough to keep them clean when you have little ones that are constantly bringing things home from school or drawing you pictures.  Our middle child, who just turned six over the weekend, is constantly writing us notes.  He gave us this gem on Saturday.

A child's rendition of Hotline Bling

A child’s rendition of Hotline Bling

Lastly, on Day 3 we were supposed to identify an item beyond repair to recycle.  I actually found something in our younger son’s room I’d like to re-purpose instead.  I’m hoping to get this accomplished by the end of the month.  Stay tuned for the before and after pictures.  I’m very excited about this project!

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