Secondary Income – October Update

Here’s a quick update on our secondary income for October.  Overall, it was a quiet month until I was notified last Friday that one of the rehabs we’re funding would be closing that afternoon.  This was the smallest of our three outstanding loans and hopefully a new project will be starting up again soon to keep the proceeds steadily rolling in.

We added a new “Decluttering” field for this month.  Maybe we’ll sell some more stuff to add to it in November during our minimalism challenge.

Secondary Income Streams - 201510

It’s crazy that we brought in nearly $3K without really doing any work.  Although each income category is not very steady, it seems that every month we make a nice chunk from at least one of them.  This keeps us on track for about $42K in side income for the year.

4 thoughts on “Secondary Income – October Update

    • Ditching the Grind says:

      Thanks. The really encouraging part is that this is the second year in a row we’ve done well with non-9-5 income so we have a nice trend going. Last year we didn’t have reserve pay, but I was trading a lot and made $38K in realized capital gains alone! Now, I’m trying to build up our dividends to get a little more hands off on our investments.

      We had a busy weekend of flag football, sorting through clothes, and a birthday for one of our little ones.

      I see you’re cranking out good stuff as always!


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