Secondary Income – September Update

Later on this week, we’ll unveil our 3-part “our next life” series which will give a quick overview of how we envision our early retirement playing out.  First, I wanted to provide an update on last month’s secondary income streams.  These will become increasingly important once we’re no longer working a steady 9-5.

As expected, military reserve pay was strong and I was paid for working from August 19 – September 2.  This category will begin to taper off in the upcoming months.  Unless something crazy happens, I’m only scheduled for eight more days the rest of the year.

I didn’t really do any stock trading this month, but we got a pleasant surprise in dividends.  I was expecting a good month with payouts in the $500-600 range.  Instead, we brought in nearly $1,000!  Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

Our private real estate lending should get a big boost next month.  One of the houses is currently on contract and barring any last minute complications, should close out in the next few weeks.  The three outstanding loans have accrued nearly $3,500 of interest.  I really love this cash flow because it brings in money without us doing any real work.

Landlording was uneventful, which is a good thing.

In total, we’re on track for just under $43K in side income on the year.  A more detailed breakdown is below.

Secondary Income Streams - 201509

Note: The heading on the second column should read “September 2015”.

4 thoughts on “Secondary Income – September Update

  1. Ditching the Grind says:

    Thanks, that’s what we’re hoping for! I’m interested to see the comments on our next three posts to see if others think our plans make sense. I feel like once you ditch preconceived notions and realize you don’t have to work full time forever, set goals to make your dreams a reality and just go for it, anything becomes attainable.


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