Weekend Project: Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen After

Occasionally, I get the inspiration to build something.  On Friday, I got home early after spending the week traveling for work and decided to design and build some shelves we had been talking about for months.  The style we were looking for was open face and sides with shelves made of natural wood connected by a metal pipe frame.  I made a quick sketch, took some measurements, and was off to Lowe’s.

Even though I could easily conceptualize the final product, there was a little trial and error involved (as is the case with most of my projects).  After four trips to Lowe’s, I finally had everything I needed to assemble the shelving unit.

For the most part, everything came together as planned.  If I could do it over, I’d drill the holes slightly larger to give myself a little more leeway with the measurements (which were actually right on target, but an extra 1/16″ of wiggle room would’ve been nice).

Staining Wood Before

Staining Wood After

Painting Pipes

We placed the new shelves right off the side of the kitchen to add a little more storage space for all the glass jars Mrs. DTG has been accumulating.  This is definitely an upgrade to storing them in the dishwasher and it adds a nice touch of character to the room.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After3

Kitchen Shelves Side View

Overall, this was a fun project.  Including the time spent at Lowe’s, it probably took about 8 hours over the course of three days and cost right around $150.  I’d actually like to build a few more things in this style, possibly a desk.  Maybe I can even turn it into an occasional side hustle.  But before we even think about that, we have a storage closet that is in serious need of organizing!

9 thoughts on “Weekend Project: Kitchen Shelves

  1. projectpatrol says:

    This looks absolutely wonderful! What a great use of open space. I recently attended a local workshop on starting a small business with the idea of selling the furniture I refurbish. I’d love to hear more if you move forward with your side hustle!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ditching the Grind says:

      If we ever make money doing little projects, I’m sure we’ll write about it 🙂 My mom has already asked me to build one for her, but of course I’d work for free. I wonder how much people would be willing to pay for something like this?

      Selling your refurbished furniture would be a fun way to bring in side income. Good luck if you go forward with that!

      Liked by 1 person

      • projectpatrol says:

        I’m excited to read about it! Ahhh, pricing; not my favorite thing to think about. We seem to have a big market for refurbed furnitire so while I can get a good idea of how to price, it’s very competetive. Plus I need to get faster while keeping it quality.


  2. Mrs. FI says:

    How lovely! I’ve been seriously considering these kind of shelves for our kitchen remodel (the shelving style is the one thing for which I don’t have a set style in mind). We wouldn’t be just going along one wall, however, we’d be going around a corner and onto another wall. So I’m not sure if, with the piping and all, it would be too much and take away (visually) from the rest of the kitchen. Decisions decisions. Anyway, they look great in your kitchen – well done!


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