Secondary Income – July Update

Last month, I provided a breakdown of our alternative income streams.  This is money coming from sources other than primary employment.  We’ll update this total every month and here is our breakdown for July.

Secondary Income Streams - 201507

The majority of our side income in July came from the military.  My two week annual tour was completed during the second half of June and I was paid a few weeks later.  I’ll be spending three of the next five weeks on active duty or reserve orders so military pay will be strong again for August and September.

I’ve also added some detail to our private real estate loans.  Between the two active loans, we’ve accrued nearly $1,700 in interest which we’ll receive when the projects are completed.  Past projects have remained open for about six months and with one project at 151 days as of July 31, we could see it close out this month or next.

Aside from that, last month was fairly quiet on the earnings front.  Stock trading was slow.  This was partially due to our vacation combined with a change in trading/investment philosophy.  I’ve been purchasing more long term dividend growth stocks and we should see a big uptick in dividend payouts over the coming year.  Comparing the next two months to May and June’s dividends should give us a feel for our increased quarterly earnings.

With seven months of the year behind us, we’re on track to make roughly $43K in secondary income.

4 thoughts on “Secondary Income – July Update

  1. our next life says:

    That’s pretty great! Know you guys have kids, which adds to costs, but if we were getting that kind of side income, we could basically focus on getting the house paid off and then retire straightaway! 🙂


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