Road Trip Recap By The Numbers

20150710_102517We’ve never been the types to track our vacation spending down to the penny, but in this case I thought it would be fun for the blog.  Even though we didn’t have a budget, I tallied a realistic pre-trip cost estimate and during the trip we spent as we normally would.  Before we left, I printed a blank spreadsheet to log all of our purchases, tracking everything from a $3.25 ice cream cup to the $64.09 dinner on our final night.  It’s interesting to see how little purchases add up, but I think we did a fairly good job keeping costs down over a 10-day road trip for a family of five.      

In all, we covered 2,661 miles over 3 states (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona) and spent $1,459.34.  A more detailed breakdown is shown below.

2015 Road Trip Costs

With a little bit better planning, we could’ve saved a small amount on fishing supplies and possibly eating out.  In total, though, we spent less than $30 a person per day which came in just under my estimate.  Overall, we had an awesome time and it was a great family vacation!

3 thoughts on “Road Trip Recap By The Numbers

  1. our next life says:

    Nice job staying under budget! Seems like a pretty great value for all that you guys did and saw. Though my back hurts just thinking about sitting in the car for all of those miles! 🙂


    • Ditching the Grind says:

      Thankfully, we broke up the trip into several manageable chunks and aside from the very last day we were never in the car for a super long time in one sitting. Between sleeping and watching movies, the kids did really well too which made it a lot easier.

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