Know When to Stock Up

Beer Sale2

Anyone who knows me knows I like to drink beer.  I especially love trying new craft beers and have even brewed a few batches myself.  Drinking craft beer can get expensive especially if you’re going out to a bar, but I’ve found a great way to keep costs down.

In preparation for our road trip, I stopped by the Class Six (on base liquor store) while I was doing my reserve duty last month to check out their beer selection.  I’ve noticed that this particular Class Six often puts one type of beer on a great sale and this time was no different.  As soon as I walked in the door, I saw the sign I was looking for proudly displayed for all to see: 12-packs for $6.  I’m not talking about Bud or Miller Lite either, this was a craft brew and I gladly scooped up two cases of Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager.  What a steal!

Generally, this would be time to stock up.  In this case, however, I’d taken advantage of similar sales numerous times over the last 19 months, building a nice assortment of tasty beers to complement my home brews.  I usually end up spending between $0.37 and $0.55 per 12-ounce bottle.

At prices like this, you’d think these weekly sales would be a hot commodity.  We often hear how the military are underpaid so surely they would take advantage of cold brews at absurdly low prices.  Oddly enough, this isn’t the case.  Every time I go in, I’m the only one I’ve ever seen buying from the sale rack.  I’ll often grab 4-6 cases at a time, walking out with a couple month’s worth of beer for less than $25.

Meanwhile, everyone else heads straight back to a predetermined location to presumably pick up their standard beverage of choice, seemingly oblivious to the great deal they just passed by.  This is fine, but it highlights a more important point that can be applied to any purchase.  It seems as though people do not adjust their buying habits to market conditions.

Instead of entering the store with the intent of buying an item to fill a general purpose (in my case I wanted something tasty to give me a little buzz at a reasonable price), they have already determined exactly what they will purchase regardless of the cost or alternative options.  If I was thinking about buying a certain product, but an acceptable substitute happened to be on sale, I’d probably buy the substitute instead.

That day, I picked up two 12-packs of beer and a bottle of wine for a total of $15.25.  For me, trying a new beer and grabbing a discount wine was well worth the cost savings.

Do you take advantage of great deals that others seem to pass by?

2 thoughts on “Know When to Stock Up

  1. our next life says:

    Jealous of those prices! It’s such a no-brainer to substitute for the sale product — how puzzling that more people don’t take this approach! We do the same thing with many of the products we buy (though never at the incredible prices you can get on base!), though we try to keep track of prices generally, so we know when something is really at its rock bottom price. No point stocking up if it’s only a small sale.

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