Why Start a Blog?

There are numerous personal finance and healthy living blogs across the internet, so why start another?  I guess there are several reasons we took the plunge.

  1. I have a lot on my mind and no one to really talk to aside from Mrs. DTG.  At our age, the idea of financial independence and early retirement is so foreign to most people that even hinting at the subject draws strange looks.  The end result is a quick change of subject to more acceptable topics such as buying expensive luxury cars, what movies come out this weekend, or popular TV shows.

  1. My daily job is rather mundane and boring.  Don’t get me wrong, I work for a great company with a noble mission, but the day-to-day monotony doesn’t excite me in any way.
  1. Tying in with #2, I needed a creative outlet.  The daily grind tends to suck the life out of me and I feel a bit rejuvenated since starting this venture.
  1. I enjoy writing and hope, with practice, to become a better writer.  I haven’t done any creative writing since I graduated high school fifteen years ago and would like to start up again.  My first short story will be posted tomorrow.
  1. I enjoy learning new things.  WordPress makes it so easy to start your own website and I’ve had a lot of fun toying with various themes, designs, formats, widgets, etc.
  1. Gathering my thoughts and writing them down in a coherent manner is helping to solidify our family’s plan to ditch the daily grind.  There is so much we want to do with our lives, not that we are depriving ourselves now, and don’t want to spend our best years locked down in a cubicle.
  1. Mrs. DTG has often been asked by family members to share tips on healthy eating and making things from scratch.  Ironically, because of some of the other things we’ll talk about on this blog, we probably can’t share it directly with those closest to us who would likely benefit the most.

Wow, looks like there were even more reasons that I originally thought.  Anyway, I hope you all enjoy our posts and find them at least somewhat useful or interesting.

6 thoughts on “Why Start a Blog?

  1. projectpatrol says:

    I’ve only briefly mentioned on my blog (mainly DIYs which is what I enjoy doing) about how my husband and I are both home. He works, I do not but, am trying to figure out what I want to do. Both of us are really. I’m glad to have come across your blog and completely understand others not getting why we do what we do and live the way we live. I feel I can learn a great deal from your writings and continue to stay positive in our decisions. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ditching the Grind says:

    I’m glad you enjoy our blog. Lately I’ve really been questioning the lifestyle that has become expected of us it’s touching to read that others could be inspired by our writings.

    You’ve done some awesome DIY projects and we may need to borrow from some of your ideas for upcoming projects we have around the house!


  3. MrFireStation says:

    I can relate to #6 – blogging helps organize your thoughts. Writing a post is a nice place to get your own plan in line and think through what your next step is.

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