Healthy? Think Again

And now, here’s Mrs. DTG with her debut post!

We’ve always been conscious about our diet, exercise, and overall health.  I always thought we ate pretty healthy…after all, we’ve never had any major health issues, been overweight or unable to meet military height/weight standards, and we’ve always done well on our military physical fitness tests.  We’ve even run several 5Ks, 10Ks, 5-mile Turkey Trots on Thanksgiving morning, and we’ve each completed at least one half marathon.

It wasn’t until January of this year that my whole outlook on healthy living completely changed.  A lot of what I thought I knew basically went out the window.

Let’s back up a little bit.  Growing up I never liked to clean or cook.  When I got married at 19, I’m pretty sure my mom apologized to DTG for my lack of cooking abilities.  Luckily for me, he was a very independent man who had lived on his own for a while and had no problems cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry.  Yep, I knew what I was doing at 19.  No big deal.

Little by little as I became a mother and got a little older, I became much better friends with the kitchen.  Whether it was out of frugality, enjoyment, or whatever, I started making all of our family’s birthday cakes and making more things from scratch.  Little did I know that years later, almost everything would be made from scratch and the kitchen would become my best friend.  And therapist.

Back to January of this year.  I spent a few hours one day with the wife of one of my classmates.  Several months before, she contacted me about splitting a grass-fed cow.  She’d found a healthy steer from a local farmer here in TX, and wanted to see if I was interested in going half in with her.  I didn’t even hesitate.  But it wasn’t until that day in January and the subsequent weeks of reading and learning that my whole outlook on healthy living changed.

Today, I’m very conscious of ingredients.  We still eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, but what changed the most is the quality of ingredients and the role of fats in our diet.  Previously, like most of America, I was lipophobic – scared of fat because it would make me fat.  WRONG!  Most of what I bought was low-fat, non-fat, low calorie, reduced calorie, etc.  Never again.  I like my fat, thank you very much.

I hope my posts can help anyone who may be struggling to find health and has tried everything known to man.  There is no arguing that there are a million and a half companies out there making a killing on America’s obesity epidemic.  The truth is, by simply eating real whole foods and eliminating unnecessary and/or harmful ingredients, you can be healthy and happy with your weight and never have to start a Monday-morning diet again.  We have enjoyed transitioning to a traditional/primal diet, and I hope that something you read here may help you in some way.

Before I proceed, I want to point out that I’m going to write about what we do and what works for our family, but I know it is not the ONLY way.  I don’t think you’re here to read a bunch of science, so I’m not going to bore you with overly scientific material.  I am not a registered dietician or a scientist…at least not a food scientist.  I do have a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with a minor in chemistry, and I’m currently in a physical therapy doctoral program.  We do a lot of evidence-based reviews of the literature and stay up to date on the most current research in order to provide the best quality care.  But if you want hardcore science, you’re better off reading a scientific journal or searching for published scholarly articles on PubMed.  I don’t intend for any of this to be controversial…but I know the topic of food has become very controversial lately….so, yeah.

Cheers to eating delicious food and living a healthy life!

3 thoughts on “Healthy? Think Again

  1. Mrs. FI says:

    I’m excited to read more of your posts about cooking and healthy alternatives! I, too, didn’t cook much before I got married. Not for lack of enjoying the cooking process, by any means, but because it just wasn’t the same cooking in my parent’s kitchen as it is in my own. Now, like you, I cook almost everything from scratch and my body is thanking me for it. So glad to see someone else out there finding the same results 🙂

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    • Mrs. DTG says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be posting more now that I’ve finished a huge final comprehensive oral exam for Physical Therapy school and have that weight off my shoulders 🙂 It’s so much fun to cook from scratch and know exactly what you’re putting into your body, and more importantly, your kids’ bodies. I made my third batch of raw, cultured butter the other day…I hope to post about it soon! 🙂


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