Unnatural Selection

Natural selection is an evolutionary process where successful biological traits are passed on to subsequent generations and unsuccessful traits die off over time.

Just a few generations ago, our great grandparents and their parents before them embodied this idea.  Men learned from their fathers and grandfathers how to build their own furniture, fix cars and broken things around the house, and live off the land.  Women learned how to prepare food from basic ingredients using recipes passed down through generations.  Torn clothes were easily mended.  Household items were repurposed and reused.  Nothing went to waste and everything had a purpose.

Society as a whole was healthy and active.  Kids played outside.  People walked and rode their bikes.  Food wasn’t differentiated between conventional and organic.  Back then, it was just called food and organic was conventional.

Communities were more tight-knit.  Jobs were local.  Long commutes were saved for family road trips.

It seems somewhere during the last few decades, we’ve lost our way.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy many of the technological and modern luxuries we have today, but something just isn’t right.

We’ve evolved into a society where it is normal to commute thirty minutes to an hour daily to stare at a computer screen and attend meetings for 8-10 hours only to reverse the commute with bleary eyes at the end of the day.  We repeat this process four more times until our employer allows us to have two days off.  Sometimes we must also work on these days off.  Home upkeep, child care, and meal preparation are all outsourced.  Any excess funds are used to buy new toys that’ll make us happy because we work so hard and deserve it.

We’re making an unnatural selection and it doesn’t have to be this way.  We must take back control or our lives!  To do so, we need to prioritize our goals and really understand what is important to each of us.  Here at Ditching The Daily Grind, we value freedom, health, and family.  To fully realize these values, we’re aggressively seeking financial independence and early retirement at an age most would believe is impossible allowing us to live our lives on our own terms, however we see fit.

After reaching financial independence, our time will no longer be traded for money.  Although we will likely continue making money after ditching the grind, we’ll be working because we want to, not because we have to.

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